Meet DorianGroup82 

Dorian is a former Division I College Basketball Coach whose rap album charted #1 on iTunes while getting 100,000,000 views on YouTube. Along this journey, Dorian had to learn about passive income, investing, how to make money online, digital marketing, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, Bitcoin, Crypto and Ethereum. This knowledge has allowed Dorian to be financially free and now he wants to share that knowledge with anyone who wants to learn.


📱 211,000+ Subscribers on YouTube

👀 Over 121 Million Views on YouTube 

📽 Over 2 Million Watch Time Hours

💵 $100,000+ in YouTube Revenue

✅ Verified On YouTube

🥇 #1 on iTunes France Top 200 Rap Albums Chart

🥉 #3 on iTunes US Top 200 Rap Albums Chart 

7️⃣ #7 on iTunes US Overall Top 200 Albums Chart

🇫🇷 #13 on iTunes France Overall Top 200 Albums Chart

📈 #27 on Spotify Viral 50 Chart

💿 Millions Of Streams On Spotify

💰 $500,000 made from music-related entities


💻 Certified Facebook And Instagram Ad Specialist (via Facebook Blueprint)

✅ Verified on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube 

📱 250 Million+ Views on Instagram, Facebook,  YouTube, and TikTok

👥 Social Media Reach of 500,000+

💵 Collecting $10,000 in monthly revenue from social media royalties

🧠 Bachelor Of Arts In Psychological and Brain Sciences From Indiana University 

📚 Master's Of Arts In Education From University Of Central Florida