Coaching With Dorian

12 Months of Coaching With Dorian

Our most comprehensive plan offers an entire year of exclusive coaching, comprising twenty-four empowering sessions with Dorian. On top of that, you'll receive two all-access passes to every Group82 Premium Course, empowering you to take charge of your growth and development.



6 Months of Coaching With Dorian

Experience an extensive coaching journey spanning six months, incorporating twelve impactful sessions with Dorian. Furthermore, you'll receive an All-Access pass to every single Group82 Premium Course, allowing you to enhance your skills across various areas of your career while growing your business.



2 Months of Coaching With Dorian

With this plan, you'll enjoy two months of coaching, featuring four transformative sessions with Dorian. Alongside that, you'll receive full access to any two Group82 Premium Courses that resonate with your goals.



1 Month of Coaching With Dorian

This plan includes one month of intensive Coaching with Dorian, comprising two powerful sessions. Additionally, you'll receive full access to any Group82 Premium Course of your choice, absolutely free.